This year’s events take students on a journey through the clutter and noise of our culture’s barrage of competing ideologies, theories, explanations, and influences to show them the one true, EPIC TRUTH that eclipses the ocean of fictional ideas about life – Jesus Christ.
The inspiration for this year originated from an understanding that in our modern culture, as youth we have more information and consequently more influence available to us at our fingertips than ever before in history. There is a seemingly never ending list of ideas for a young person to choose to believe in and it is incredibly difficult to know where to turn. In the midst of such constant influx of influence we must strive all the greater to singular choice – choosing to believe in Jesus Christ – eclipses all others.



EPIC TRUTH is the musical soundtrack to the 2014 ATF theme and the songs on the album will be sung at the nearly 40 events between January and May. Including contributions from feature artists Satellites and Sirens and We Are Leo, as well as the worship songs used at each event, this CD will engage teenagers and worshippers of any age with the Epic Truth of the risen King!

**Speakers and Bands not at every event and are subject to change
Epic Truth Trailer for Worship CD
“God Victorious” Lyric Video
“Everything Must Go” Lyric Video
“Questions” from Epic Truth 2014