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Teen Mania Closes Chapter on Historic Ministry Outreach

After almost 30 years of effective ministry to youth in North America, Ron & Katie Luce have completed this extensive chapter in the calling God gave them three decades ago to evangelize and mobilize youth for God’s kingdom. Literally, millions of lives have been touched with the gospel and the discipleship training around the world.

“Katie and I feel this chapter coming to a close, and are grateful to the Lord for all that He has done through those who have rallied around this vision over the years. Together we have taken many risks, climbed many mountains and slayed many giants!” ~ Ron Luce

After starting in 1986 with a few hundred dollars and a passion to reach and inspire a generation to change the world, by the grace of God Teen Mania has had almost 30 years of thriving ministry to teens. Together with hundreds of staff, interns, donors and prayer partners our impact includes:

  • Established Acquire the Fire– Beginning in 1991, Acquire the Fire (ATF) a revolutionary approach to reaching teens with high-tech and high-impact worship and teaching conference events.
    • 33 regional cities reached annually
    • 515 Acquire the Fire events in North America
    • Over 3,000,000 attendees
    • Over 100,000 youth pastors bringing their youth groups
  • Historic youth stadium events beginning in 1999 at the Pontiac Silverdome with 73,000 attendees
  • Acquire the Fire TV ( ATFTV)– 190 countries carry ATFTV with 200,000-300,000 monthly viewers
  • Initiated a Battle Cry for a Generation through the mid-1990s with books, curriculum, stadium events and leadership events for pastors, to bring awareness to the plight of teens and tools to build successful youth ministry locally.
  • Garnered media attention of CNN, ABC Nightline, NBC Nightly News, Sean Hannity radio, Bill O’Reilly show and Front Page of The New York Times.
  • Potentially the largest annually and longest-running Christian youth conference in American history (24 years)
  • Acquire the Fire InternationalMyanmarJuly 2015Teen Mania’s Acquire the Fire made history by holding its first international event in Yangon, Myanmar, becoming the first youth event of its kind and magnitude in the nation’s history with 13,000 in attendance and 3000 Buddhist’s coming to Christ
  • Established Global Expeditions– Beginning in 1986, the global outreach mission branch of Teen Mania has inspired and equipped 77,230 teenage missionaries and sent worldwide to 67 countries bringing 1,318,664 people becoming followers of Christ!
    • 112 Homes built for homeless in Baja Mexico
    • Over 1,000 children’s vacation Bible schools and children’s ministry outreach events
  • SURGE Movie Event opened nationwide in 700 Movie theaters in fall 2013, with 20,000 attendees and 1,100 committing to Christ!
  • Established in 1994 the Honor Academy Internship– with 7,300 Interns graduated and equipped
  • Established a media arm for the ministry Center for Creative Media (CCM)-with hundreds of graduates producing music videos for top Christian bands, video content for live events, produced SURGE movie event and thousands of TV programs viewed worldwide.
  • Teen Mania summer camps called Extreme Camps hosted 7,741 camp attendees
  • June issue 2014, Ministry Today named Teen Mania in the “21 Most Effective Ministries in the 21st Century”
  • Setting out with a goal of, “Making youth missions normal for the American Church”, Teen Mania began to invite youth to go overseas when there was only one other youth missions organization of note.
  • Today, almost every church in America operates their own youth mission trips!
  • Managed to endure the financial crisis of 9/11, and the Great Recession to continue to reach teens and keep an organization operating while defying all the odds and challenges of para-church ministry to youth while producing large events, touring annually for 24 years across America and spanning the globe with teen mission outreaches.
  • Being a catalyst for change as a forerunner ushering in a new era in youth ministry.

Teen Mania’s partners and supporters have been a significant part of the organizations success since its establishment in 1986. Over the years, Teen Mania has partnered with numerous ministries, global Christian thought leaders, mission organizations and tens of thousands of churches through its 30 year history. Teen Mania’s partners and friends have comprised of steering committees, well-known authors, council advisers, governing officials, 2 former Presidents of the United States of America, and prominent church and ministry leaders worldwide. Here are just a few:

“Teen Mania has been a multigenerational force of influence and instruction impacting the lives of teens all across America.  The Church and generations of youth have been served by their gospel and leadership development. “
~ Pastor Robert Morris, Gateway Church, Southlake, Texas
“One of the most satisfying relationships I have is coming alongside of Teen Mania. For years, you have been making a difference in the lives of kids and it’s just a joy to be a little part of the team.”
~ John Maxwell

“I commend Teen Mania for the stand you are taking for Jesus. It is thrilling to see what God is doing through young people. I believe that you can change our world.”
~ Billy Graham

“Teen Mania is a vital ministry changing multitudes of young people’s lives. Ron Luce’s impassioned call to youth challenges them to live a life that counts; one that is consumed with the cause of Christ.”
~ Joyce Meyer

“Nearly 3,000 teenagers in twenty-two countries paying their own way for two weeks of hardship, coming to this world of so little, leaving behind, temporarily, their world where they have so much. Do they do it because of conviction, or something more?”
~ Bob Faw NBC Nightly News, Teen Mania‘s Global Expeditions

Teen Mania has helped to reach, minister and influence for Christ millions of young people. Many have gone on to become leaders in business, start and serve in churches and ministries both here in America and worldwide. They have become leaders in business, authors, teachers, successful entrepreneurs and planted mission organizations. Having been birthed from dreams that started at Teen Mania, innumerable lives have been impacted by living and sharing the Gospel in places of business, homes and mission outreaches around the world.

“As we will be stepping away from public ministry for a season we are seeking the Lord to see what our next assignment is that God will give us. We are grateful to our Pastor, Robert Morris and Gateway Church as they assist us both in the spiritual and physical renewal process after 30+ years in ministry and for helping us hear from the Lord on what calling He has next for Katie and me. Thank you for all who have joined us to see so many lives impacted over the 3 decades and your prayers and for your prayers for us as we seek the Lord for the future. ” ~ Ron Luce



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