Highlights from Lansing’s Acquire the Fire 2012

Who: Youth pastors and leaders of young people

What: FREE Youth Leadership Summit

Where: Cornerstone Church

When: Saturday, March 15th

We are excited to bring to you this leadership summit for all youth pastors and your team of volunteers. As you may know for years Acquire the Fire has been committing to rescuing young people and coming alongside youth pastors and churches to help grow thriving youth ministries. This power-packed day with youth ministry experts is sure to prove itself a milestone in growing you personally, and your youth ministry.

For over 20 years Acquire the Fire has been touring this country presenting the gospel and coming alongside thousands, literally tens of thousands of youth pastors all over the country. What you’ll hear is exciting truths gleaned by these experts over their cumulative 80 years of youth ministry, proving and demonstrating that local youth ministries can grow and thrive on a sustained basis. This youth ministry summit for all of Michigan and surrounding areas is designed to help you leverage the Acquire the Fire event as your preparing to come. However it will actually help you thrive and grow your ministry whether or not you go to Acquire the Fire.

The fact is that big events like Acquire the Fire help to serve as a catalyst to get your youth groups and young people focused on a goal, whether that’s discipleship they want to do beforehand or just reaching a friend. This leadership summit is perfectly timed to allow you to springboard off and prepare for an incredible Acquire the Fire, held in the Breslin Center in Lansing, April 2014.