In the United States, it’s considered culturally-acceptable to take a group of public high school kids to visit a mosque and give them copies of the Koran, or to a Hindu temple and have them participate in meditation, but it’s not okay to take them to a Christian church, let alone pray to Jesus before a football game.

We live in a country where open-mindedness and tolerance are the highest virtues – as long as you agree with the culturally-acceptable points of view.

Prayer not allowed in public school

When Christianity is not tolerated in school, how can we share Jesus with teens?

This is the world our young people live in day to day. They are pressured every day to turn away from Christianity, whether it’s through ridicule or outright indoctrination. In our country, a 14-year-old girl will be punished for refusing to write a paper highlighting the virtues of Islam, and a 16-year-old transgendered boy will be elected homecoming queen.
This is the world in which our young people live, the one that is laying a foundation for our future. We cannot call ourselves a “Christian” nation. We are a nation that has no idea who Christ is anymore.
What can you and I do about it? How can we rescue an entire generation that has been ridiculed, pressured and persuaded to abandon Christianity as some kind of hateful medieval belief system?

The fact is, the gospel still has power! The gospel, through the work of the Holy Spirit, can break through the blinders our culture has strapped onto the eyes of our young people. And the gospel is the only hope for our future generations.
On October 9 and October 16, Acquire The Fire is presenting the gospel in a way teens can embrace, in a language they understand. We are sharing the hope of Jesus Christ in a way that’s never been done before, in more than 500 movie theaters all over the United States.
SURGE is showing two nights only, Oct. 9 & 16, and I believe the Holy Spirit will move the hearts of hundreds of thousands of teenagers all over this nation on those two nights.
SURGE is a safe place for teens to hear about Jesus without ridicule, without pressure. If your teens already know Jesus as their Lord, encourage them to bring a lost friend to this incredible gospel presentation. We’re helping teens overcome their struggles, their fears, and their insecurities through the empowering message of Jesus Christ.
We are intervening against the trend to mock teens out of their faith by showing them what a faith-filled life really means. Will you bring a teen to SURGE? Will you act on behalf of a teen today?
Go to www.SurgeExperience to learn more about SURGE and to find a theater near you.

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